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Oh sick.

Joining this wonderful community thang. Lauren your pretty good with these here website designs. Alright, I got a memory for yah. Well, Me and lauren decided we wanted to bake a cake. Both of us a little retarded and not reading how long the cake should be baked for oh we figured we could do it. And, well we did. and it was supposed to be swirled colors. We went to bake the cake it turned the grossed shade of purple ever. And, then it was half uncooked. Remember that lauren. But, we decided hell it's good anyways. So, We ate it anyways. Me and lauren ate the hole damn cake. And guess what. We were both hurled over the toliet after that. That was two summers ago. Haha, when I lacked cooking skills and lauren lacked the reading skills from the back of the cakemix box:) But it's all good. Good times
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