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spring break

i thought i might go ahead and start posting here. since it's spring break i had to write about last year's. mel nila and i went to jupiter beach in florida which was awesome. mr and nila put on this bullfrog tanning lotion which gave us hives. dont ever use that stuff; it's shit. we decide to go in the water but its really cold. so instead we decided to be completely stupid and turn around not facing the ocean and just let the waves hit us. bad idea. these were some pretty rough waves. next thing we know big rough wave hits us and we go tumbling in it. nila and i get up from the water adjusting out bikinis whereas mel didn't and luckily there wasnt many people on the beach or else she owuld have made some men very happy. her ass also was scratched by all the seashells including nila's back. that was fun.ahh spring break
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